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SMD's 20th Anniversary select bull offerings. 

Dual-purpose, genetic packages two decades in the making. 


SMD Poppy Ceann Mor

SMD Hans Ballan x SMD Anna Ferl  

   SMD Poppy brings together the genetics for the future of your herd that SMD has been in the process of obtaining, combining, and refining for 20 years.

    Poppy puts together in a single package Elite Status Level II U.K. breeding in Breoch Sultan and Brambledel Redberry Prince with the long-standing foundation top tier genetics in the SMD herd through Lucifer of Knotting, SMD Ferl Certus, SMD Ballan Navis, Rainbow Hills Big Mac, and Riverhill Saturns' Galaxy. 

    The result is a bull that holds the genetics for offspring that represent the best that the Dexter breed has to offer, fulfilling SMD’s mission in the breeding of small-framed, dual-purpose cattle that establish the standard for efficient, economical production.

Video at 4 months & 6 months.   DOB June 5th, 2019.   

















SMD I Am Elias Ferl

SMD Ferl Certus x SMD Octavia Certus

     SMD I Am Elias Ferl is the latest outstanding product from the SMD, Breoch Sultan linebreeding program that has produced ideal type Dexters that excel in the field, the plate, the glass, and the ring.   Examples like national champion females SMD Anna Ferl and SMD Sophie Ferl and the young bull SMD Tuck Ferl. 

    SMD I Am Elias follows in his sibling's path as the next ideal type Dexter in this line that will impart his type and production into your herd for years to come.   Elias’ sire, SMD Ferl Certus, is making an impact across the world in the Dexter breed on 3 continents and in 4 countries while his dam, SMD Octavia Certus, continues to produce excellent calves while serving as our 4-gallon house milk cow with high butterfat milk that everyone prefers.

    SMD I Am Elias is the next up of this outstanding line and your path to Walk With Elias!


















Video at 5 months.  DOB May 22nd, 2019.   


Please contact us for more information on these offerings or to be added to our notification list for future offerings.  You may also use the form below. 


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