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Silver Maple Dexters & Chambers Family

Commitment to  Purpose

We chose the Dexter breed to meet our need for a small framed, dual-purpose cow to provide our home and family with an excellent quality source of beef and dairy.   The Dexter breed and our breeding program have achieved this for us. We are committed to providing stock and genetics to families that desire the same. 

Commitment to the Breed and Future

With two decades of satisfying and productive experience in the Dexter breed, we maintain our commitment to breed improvement and excellence.  Through the SMD breeding program, our commitment is to the development of the highest quality Dexter cattle that function for their intended purpose and promoting continued breed advancement.   

Commitment to our Values  

Our commitment to the purpose, the breed, and the future are grounded in our core values. We are dedicated to and practice our craft of animal breeding and husbandry through honesty, steadfast focus, hard work, animal welfare, authentic relationships, and family.  

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