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Conformation/ Type traits:
  • Consistent offspring that meet conformation quality through Dexter Linear Classification system - scoring 85 (Good plus) or better.

  • Consistent offspring that present a balanced and pleasing appearance indicative of their dual-purpose function.  

  • Offspring that consistently reflect the type traits of the breed including personable temperament and easy going nature that eagerly accept the house cow role 

Silver Maple Dexter Breeding Program

SMD's breeding program is designed to produce purebred Dexter cattle that provide meat and milk in a small, efficient animal for the small farm, acreage owner, or homesteader. SMD has operationalized this goal by: 


Production Traits:
  • Cows capable of average daily milk production over a 210-day lactation of 25 lbs milk (3 gallons) of 4% or better butterfat when fed for household milk production. 

  • Stock that produces steers that consistently finish to 500 lb. carcass at 60% cut out of choice or better beef in 19 months with a 60 day light finish ration. 

  • Stock that consistently fleshes easily and maintains condition. 



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