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SMD Ferl Certus

Registration #: 025784

Date of Birth:  June 15 2010

Sire: Breoch Sultan

Dam: SMD Ceti Navis

SMD Baron MacDuff

Registration #: 042132

Date of Birth:  April 18 2017

Sire: Moomin MacDuff

Dam: SMD Anna Ferl

AI Sires
SMD Ballan Navis

Registration #: 025783

Date of Birth:  April 26 2011

Sire: Lucifer of Knotting

Dam: SMD Ang Risagh

Breoch Sultan

Registration #: 020679


Date of Birth:  May 11 2002


Sire: Apple Joe


Dam: Harron Sunbeam

UK Elite Bull - Stage 2 


Photo courtesy of Breoch - Jo Kemp - photographer Jennifer MacKenzie

Brambledel Redberry Prince

Registration #: 14907

Date of Birth:  May 24 1999

Sire: Brambledel Cranberry Prince

Dam: Challiswood Primrose

UK Elite Bull - Stage 2 

Photo courtesy of Brambledel herd -  Andrew Kindred

Moomin MacDuff

Registration #: M4056

Date of Birth:  February 10 1998

Sire: Moomin Red Pepper

Dam: Moomin Maisie Dotes

UK Elite Bull - Stage 2 

Rainbow Hills Big Mac

Registration #: 10629

Date of Birth:  May 18 1999

Sire: Rainbow Hills Super Sam

Dam: Rainbow Hills Red Shine

ADCA Classified Excellent

(EX - 90 1x) 

Lucifer of Knotting

Registration #: 3182

Date of Birth:  March 17 1985

Sire: Jupiter of Knotting

Dam: Knotting Ladyrudale 2nd

photo courtesy of: Judy Mosely

Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy

Registration #: 5255

Date of Birth:  May 28 1991

Sire: Saturn of Knotting

Dam: Cranworth Sally 

Retired Sires
SMD Port Risagh

Registration #: 021851

Date of Birth:  June 15 2008

Sire: Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy

Dam: SMD Alpha Ceti 

SMD Argo Draco

Registration #: 13066

Date of Birth:  June 1 2002

Sire: Lucifer of Knotting

Dam: Rainbow Hills Georgia

ADCA Classified Very Good

(VG - 89 1x)

SMD Tuck Ferl 


Registration #: 040359


Date of Birth:  April  19 2016


Sire: SMD Ferl Certus


Dam: SMD Octavia Certus

Now Owned by Jesse's Hill



SMD Hans Ballan

Registration #: 035910

Date of Birth:  May 27 2014

Sire: SMD Ballan Navis

Dam: SMD Reba Flaith

Now Owned by Schwainiger Farms

Douglas, Nebraska, USA

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