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  • Jeff M Chambers

What's wrong with our ISO ask?

Updated: Apr 5

Satire R Us Ranch is a bit perplexed. We keep hearing about folks that have posted an ISO advertisement for Dexter breeding stock on the worldwide webs and are then bombarded with messages and emails about animals available from around the globe.

Satire R Us Ranch must be doing something wrong because the request for leads we put out for a new bull yields buckets of silence. Please help if you have advice on how to revise our request in order to get some serious response.

"Long-time Dexter breeder in search of a new, young herd sire. Will travel to pick up and pay top dollar for the right bull. Live viewing or videos of the dam, grand-dam, sire, any full siblings, and offspring improves purchase probability. Photos of all of the above are also appreciated. Valid information on dairy and beef production of the dam, dam’s produce, siblings, and offspring also improves purchase probability.

Traits sought:

Homozygous Breed Guidelines

Homozygous Quality Udder

Homozygous Dual Purpose Balance

Homozygous Efficient Producer

Homozygous Quality Carcass

Homozygous High Butterfat

Homozygous Excellent Calf Weaning Weights

Homozygous Superior Calving Ease

Homozygous High Conception Rates and Fertility

Color any within breed guidelines will do.

Horn / Polled, I’ll think about it later, IDC.

Milk Proteins, tasty and in sufficient quantities to feed a calf AND my family.

P.S. I put “Homozygous” on those essential things because I see lots of folks doing it, just like I’s doing it.

Private message or call Satire R Us Ranch anytime you have a bull that approaches specified criteria and documentation.

The number of times we see postings on social media, ecstatic about or hoping and praying for and despondent if genetic components of A2, polled, and color are incorrect is comical, sad, and an indictment of all of us in the breed.
All the other components that make quality, productive, typey, stock are secondary at best to these minimal on/off genetic factors. That their red, A2, polled calf on all other factors is iffy at best and mostly unknown, is inconsequential.

If you seek quality cattle, seek those traits that make quality cattle and from breeding programs that have focused on those traits with results. Polled, A2, and color are, at best, inconsequential to quality and if desired, easily fixed regardless.

As a cattle breeder, the essential knowledge you must have is what you are breeding for and then identify the breeding and selection criteria you will use to achieve that goal. If you do not have both sides of this equation clearly fixed in your mind, for now, you are on your way but going nowhere.


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