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  • Jeff M Chambers

Remembering our foundation herd sire selection odyssey

Our foundation herd sire story from 17 years ago. We had picked out a couple heifers from Jerry Starnes way down in the Missouri Boot Heel near Poplar Bluff Missouri from his very large Rainbow Hills herd. Dexter herds were very much less common then and big herds very far apart. After having spent several more hours looking at various "herd sires" and their dams he was offering at various locations: some extreme dwarfs, some just dwarfs, some just sorta, maybe, might be, but not really, Jerry finally realized we were not going to accept anything for a herd sire but the best he had. He drove us back to our pickup and trailer to load the heifers and with a sigh said; "I've got one more bull for you to look at over here in the barn. I've been getting him ready for the ADCA show." He led us to a lot and there he stood like a rock, Rainbow Hills Big Mac. Melinda and I at the same time said pointing, "That's what we want." Jerry's hired hand sidled up to us as we were heading back to the truck and told us that he couldn't believe he was showing Big Mac to us or even more that he sold him. Mac was Jerry's middle name and he gave it to him knowing Big Mac was special. Jerry passed just a few months later and never made it to the ADCA show nor to see Rainbow Hills Big Mac's impact on our herd or the breed. We are certainly thankful to Jerry for showing him to us and the importance of insisting on the best for a sire sure paid off for us. Big Mac or Dude as he was known for the rest of his days still has a strong influence in our herd and laid a great foundation. Thanks Big Mac and Jerry Mac.

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