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Updated: Mar 21

So I was talking cattle today with a long-time acquaintance and friend and was called "bloody arrogant", among other things. Now, this is not the first time this particular insult or various synonyms of the same have been tossed in my general direction, but this time it had a different feel to it. Perhaps it was the "bloody" part or more likely that I actually valued the opinion of the hurler this time that caused me to pause and give the notion a once around or two.

After some serious consideration, I came to the incontrovertible and indisputable conclusion that from the perspective of the tosser the term, was likely spot-on accurate, but from the receiver's stand-point, namely me, the insulter had mistakenly labeled a tenaciously held, resolutely determined, self-reliant confidence as arrogance. Maybe even "bloody" confidence.

So for the sake of brevity: You've got that right, I am "bloody arrogant!"

My family and I have spent 20 plus years of blood, sweat, tears, long nights, and early mornings, forgone early retirement, countless hours pouring over cattle conformation, selection and culling decisions, and breeding scenarios until the eyes look like hot embers in the snow and the mind is wrapped tight as a heifer's cervix, countless wee morning hours in the barn by a 1st calf heifer, not because we have to but, because we should, driving all-nighters to a show then unloading, sitting up, cleaning cows to eat breakfast at 2 pm promoting our cattle and this breed from coast to coast and border to border and beyond.

In thinking through those years in a flash, each moment of which was and is living the dream, I ended the thought on the SMD Dexter steak I ate a few nights ago. And my thoughts went like this:

I thought of this show-winning heifer born to a 10-year-old Grand Champion cow and of an SMD bull now on 3 continents and 4 countries ......

That was bred to this UK Elite stage 2 sired bull out of a 2x National GC Female...

That produced this steer which at 20 months finished at 880# LW and 533# HW…

That provided this Prime, melt in your mouth beef…

after we had milked his dam for 3 months with the calf on to provide 2 gallons per of this creamy deliciousness….

With that, I confirmed my friend's assessment. You’re damn right I am arrogant or as I see it tenaciously resolute and confident in our cattle, our breeding, and this breed.

No other breed in the world, when properly bred, can produce pound-for-pound such high-quality protein at such sustainable inputs and at such low impact.

Dual-purpose Dexters the Breed that IS so much more!

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